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In-Home Personal Trainer

No Excuses


Weight Loss or Bodybuilding

Lose weight? Tone-up? Gain weight?

No problem.


In-Home Gym

I travel to you. Workouts delivered to your doorstep.


Functional Fitness

My training program will embed itself into your muscular nervous system where real world obstacles are both easy and familiar.


Make Fitness Fun

Add variation to your workouts with the newest gym equipments and exercises.


Myofascial Release

Don't let muscular tightness or shortness ruin your day. The knowledge to self perform deep-tissue massages is priceless.



A balanced diet is the key to peak mental and physical performance. Learn about micro- and macro-nutrients and eat consciously.


Strength Training

Your body is in a state of constant deterioration. Have you realized how your body aches have slowly limited you? The stronger you are now, the stronger you are later.

Why a Trainer?

  • To keep you accountable, consistency is key

  • One-on-one guidance is the safest and most effective way to get your results

  • A trained eye can identify the proper form for your physique

  • To keep your body challenged with workouts adjusted to your fitness level


Call me Andy,

My passion is personal training is grounded in helping and educating others how to live a healthier life. Everyone has weaknesses; my job is to restore and improve performance, reduce injury risk, and achieve your goals.


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Andrew W Sheng

ISSA / CPR / AED Certified

Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

American Red Cross First Aid

Swim Coach

Personal Training Packages

Single Session - $100

Introductory 3 Sessions - $270

6 Sessions - $570

12 Sessions - $1,080


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