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Commit Yourself, Follow Through, and See Results.

Learn how I use fitness and nutrition to get your dream body and more.


Call me Andy,

My passion is grounded in helping and educating others. Everyone has weaknesses; my job is to restore and improve performance, reduce injury risk, and achieve your goals.

Fitness is more than looking good.

Being strong, durable, and flexible isn't enough. Your body is in a state of constant deterioration. Have you realized how your body aches limit you? Myofascial release can help with problems such as forward neck, hunched back, and curled shoulders, but this relief is temporary. Practicing strength training and functional exercises trains the muscular nervous system to make real world obstacles no longer a challenge.

Most importantly, successful people understand "you are what you eat" and it's not only counting calories. Eat clean and smart by sourcing organic and local produce. Cognitive and physical health is heavily dependent on portioning macronutrients and monitoring micronutrients. Understanding and practicing exercise & nutrition is key to your holistic health and wellbeing.


Andrew W Sheng

ISSA / CPR / AED Certified

Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

American Red Cross First Aid

Swim Coach


Personal Training Packages

Single Session - $130

12 Sessions - $1,320



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